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TOWARDS AN ECUMENICAL SYNOD? (Πρoς Οικουμενικη Συνοδο;)

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TOWARDS AN ECUMENICAL SYNOD? (Πρoς Οικουμενικη Συνοδο;)

“It seemed good to the apostles and to the presbyters together with the whole Church” (Acts 15:22).

«Τότε ἔδοξε τοῖς ἀποστόλοις καὶ τοῖς πρεσβυτέροις σὺν ὅλῃ τῇ ἐκκλησίᾳ…» (Πράξ. 15,22)

Στὰ Ελληνικά
344/1971 page of the periodical “Christian Spark”

Church = Christ


The Church is, according to the ingenious observation of sacred Augustine, Christ extended unto the ages. What does this mean? This means, that the teaching of Christ, the miraculous power, the holiness, the crucifixional sacrifice, the divine grace flowing from it will continue unceasingly by means of the Church, this mystical body of Christ, unto all the ages. But also the reactions, which Jesus Christ encountered during the three-year period of his divine activity in the world, won’t cease: these too shall continue unceasingly. Christ himself, a short while before his crucifixional sacrifice, said to his disciples: “If they persecuted me, they shall also persecute you: if they kept my word, they will keep your word too” (John 15:20).
Christ was a sign spoken against and a rock of scandal for the unbelievers? His Church also is a sign spoken against and a rock of scandal for the unbelievers of all ages. Only if the Church ceases to preach whatever Christ preached and to enact whatever Christ enacted, only then will the reactions of the world against Her will cease. The Holy Spirit indeed forewarned that as the centuries go by and the drama of global history journeys towards the end, that much also will the reactions of the world against the teaching of Christ and the trials of the faithful will increase. Frightful will be the conflict of truth against falsehood, which, constantly being armed, by all the means and attainments of an atheist philosophy and science, in the person of many antichrists, and particularly one, the great Antichrist, will muster all his powers to take out Christ, that is to say, his Church. The faithful will become few as never before. The small flock will be tested a lot. But the Church, vibrant and free, Orthodoxy, will gather together her children under the all-powerful wings of the Eagle and will go forth into the desert, not only modally, but also regionally, until days of refreshment come again for the greatly pained people of God.

The Maniacal War Against The Church Read more »


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(Ὑάκινθος μάρτυς – 3 Ἰουλίου)

Ὁ Κύριος θαλαμἡμῶν ‘Ιησοῦς Χριστός, ἀγαπητοί μου, ἀπευθύνει γενική πρόσκλησι σ’ ὅλη τήν ἀνθρωπότητα. Καλεῖ ὅλους κοντά του. Θέλει ὅλοι νά γίνουν εὐτυχισμένοι. «Δεῦτε – λέει – πρός με πάντες οἱ κοπιῶντες καί πεφορτισμένοι κἀγώ ἀναπαύσω ὑμᾶς». Ὅλοι, λέει ὁ Χριστός, ὅλοι ὅσοι ὑποφέρετε καί ἀναστενάζετε κάτω ἀπό τό βαρύ φορτίο τῆς ἁμαρτίας καί δέν βρίσκετε πουθενά λύτρωσι καί σωτηρία, ὅλοι ἐλᾶτε κοντά μου. Ἐάν πιστέψετε σ’ ἐμένα, τό φορτίο τῆς ἁμαρτίας πού φέρετε πάνω σας θά κυλίση καί θά ριχτῆ στήν ἄβυσσο, κι ἐσεῖς θά δοκιμάσετε ἀπερίγραπτη χαρά. Δέν θά εἶστε πιά οἱ δοῦλοι τῆς ἁμαρτίας καί τοῦ σατανᾶ, ἀλλά ἄνθρωποι λυτρωμένοι καί ἐλεύθεροι.
Ὁ Χριστός καλεῖ ὅλους, ἄνδρες, γυναῖκες, παιδιά, ὁποιασδήποτε οἰκονομικῆς καί κοινωνικῆς καταστάσεως καί προελεύσεως, φτωχούς καί πλούσιους, μαύρους, ἄσπρους, κίτρινους καί κόκκινους. Τό προσκλητήριό του εἶνε γενικό. Γιά ὅλες τίς ἐποχές καί τίς καταστάσεις.

Ἀλλά δυστυχῶς. Οἱ περισσότεροι ἄνθρωποι δέν δέχονται τήν πρόσκλησι καί φεύγουν μακριά ἀπ’ τό Χριστό καί περιπλανῶνται μέσα στήν ἐρημιά πού δημιουργεῖ ἡ μακριά ἀπ’ τό Χριστό ζωή. Ὑπάρχουν δέ καί ἄνθρωποι, πού ὄχι μόνο περιφρονοῦν τήν πρόσκλησι τοῦ Χριστοῦ, ἀλλά καί πολεμοῦν μέ πάθος τήν πίστι τοῦ Χριστοῦ καί προσπαθοῦν ν’ ἀπομακρύνουν κι ἄλλους ἀπό τό Χριστό. Οἱ ἄνθρωποι αὐτοί, ἄν δοῦν κανένα νά πιστεύη στό Χριστό καί νά ζῆ σύμφωνα μέ τίς ἐντολές του, τούς πιάνει μανία καί ὁρμοῦν ἐναντίον του καί προσπαθοῦν νά ξερριζώσουν τήν πίστι ἀπό τήν καρδιά του. Ἀλλ’ ὁ πιστός ἄνθρωπος, πού γνώρισε πόσο γλυκύ πράγμα εἶνε νά ζῆ κανείς κοντά στό Χριστό, δέν ἀκούει τίς φωνές αὐτές τοῦ διαβόλου, ἀλλά μένει προσκολλημένος στό Χριστό καί καμμιά δύναμις δέν μπορεῖ νά τόν ξεκολλήση ἀπό τό βράχο τῆς πίστεως. Read more »


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