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Με βαθιά αγάπη στην καρδιά μου και πνευματική ευγνωμοσύνη στην ψυχή μου εύχομαι ταπεινά· ΧΡΙΣΤΕ ΑΝΑΠΑΥΣΟΝ ΕΠΙΣΚΟΠΩ ΑΥΓΟΥΣΤΙΝΩ· στο σεβαστό Γέροντα, στον ανίκητο και παραδειγματικό μαχητή της ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΙΑΣ, στον φωτισμένο ιεράρχη της του Χριστού Εκκλησίας, στον φλογερό καί ακούραστο ιεροκήρυκα του Λόγου του Θεού, Επίσκοπο Φλωρίνης πατέρα Αυγουστίνο (ο μεταφραστής).




By Archimandrite Laurentios Gratseas


π. ΑΥΓ. ΣΤΟΝ ΑΝΒΩΝΑ ιστRarely would he come out on the streets during his free time with his fellow students.  When he was coming out usually he was visiting the courts, or often going to quite places, or to the cemetery, in order to philosophize on the vanity of the world and also to admire   art works decorating the graves of the great benefactors.  At that time he was reading the newspapers which were describing the astonishing news from the Asian Minor war front. At the same time he was successfully taking care of his father’s business . This is the period when the refuges from Asia Minor were arriving in Paros as well, (like in many other places throughout Greece); these events provoked a great impression on the mind of this young student .

During this period he kept regular correspondence with Fr. Philotheos Zervakos (besides being in personal contact) as well as with Demetrios Panagiotopoulos of the brotherhood of theologians “ZOE”- «ΖΩΗ», to whom he was expressing his concerns regarding the wide-spread in the society of atheistic ideas and worldly customs .  He is also eager to read every good Christian magazine and book, as well as the great book of nature .  In addition he is concerned for the the proper education and guidance of his three sisters .  His friends in Paros, even during the vacations are few, and the drive towards the divine and holy things is very intense .  In the church he stands in awe and fear of God; motionless, attentive, without wondering here and there . He lives like a monk in the world and especially grows in prayer. In one of his books he writes: « “O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us”. A very short prayer which every Christian must say mentally many times every day; it helps a lot.  A.N. Kantiotes» .  And to his parents he writes: “…Often the words of our faith gladden man much more than money and the other things” . However he must thank them, because they work very hard for him.

His personality already has been formed and he leaves “vivid impressions” around him…and to this day people speak about him with admiration and praise .  In fact, one of his High School directors always used to say: “Two personalities passed through the High School of Syros: Venizelos and Kantiotes” (according to the testimony of Katherine Alimprantes-Hatzinikolaou). We can even say, that Fr. Augoustinos was predestined from his mother’s womb (see Galatians 1,15; Jer. 1,5).  Or, as one of his mother’s friend simply said: “Augoustinos was chosen since he was a child” .

As a Student in Athens

“My ever memorable father, after my decision to study theology in Athens, agonizing for my life in the capital, led me to the brotherhood “ZOE”-«ΖΩΗ», with which he was connected not only as a subscriber but also as a representative of the subscribers of the island of Paros. I was accepted. I lived in the boarding house of the brotherhood “ZOE” for four years, working and studying as much as I could. This period of my life was a period of extraordinary blessings for my student years. The first blessing was that I was able to be in contact with the founder of the brotherhood of theologians “ZOE”, the holy preacher and priest Fr. Eusebios Matthopoulos, author of the famous book “The Destiny of Man”. I was faithfully following the sermons of his last years in the Church of the Domition of the Theotokos  at Monasteraki.  Another blessing was that for about two years I became the assistant of the ever-memorable Panagiotes Trempelas a leading theologian, who was incessantly writing, from early morning till night.  In particular, I remember that on the falling asleep of the ever memorable Fr. Eusebius (June 29, 1929) he dictated the article to me being interrupted from emotions and tears.  Another blessing, for which I am grateful to God, is that as a student, in particular I was able to be in the audience of the ever memorable Hristos Androutos, a renowned theologian and philosopher, among other university professors of course. ”

In Athens Fr. Augoustinos sips like the bee whatever good the surrounding environment offers to him.  His life, as is the life of the two great holy fathers St. Basil and St.Gregory when they were studying in Athens, is enclosed between the University, the Church, and the boarding house.  He finds and observes the great personalities of his time and draws lessons from them. In the boarding house of “ZOE” begins his close friendship with Fr. Christopher Kalyvas, who later became his supporter and co-champion in the good fight for the Church.


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Humbly translated by Aleksander P. Filip

With deep love from my heart and with a whole lot of gratitude from my soul, I dedicate this work to the honorable Elder, the exemplary champion of Orthodoxy, the enlightened hierarch of the Church of Christ, the fervent and the restless preacher of the Word of God, Bishop of Florina Father Augoustinos


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