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The Re-admittance of the Heterodox

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The Re-admittance of the Heterodox

A youth from abroad once asked

“Father, I am not a theologian, but I can very clearly see, I can very easily realise that the baptism of heretics (even Papists) is absolutely void, totally null. Why can’t our priests see this? What is wrong with them?”

Another one told me by email:

“These modern priests are so cunning that they «twist the Truth to their own deception» and try to kid themselves in a faulty subjection to modern teachings of their innovating Arch-priest superiors. Deep within their conscience they know that they are wrong but they constantly attempt to trick themselves by actually believing in their own foolish claims. Then they dare to degrade and underestimate the spiritual mental capacity of the Youth and implement a twisted form of subjection (as in sucking up) to the decisions of modern Pan-pseudo-councils.”

Another young man said to me in accurate, justified disgust: “They don’t have humility at all, therefore God allows them to be deceived as punishment, He “delivers them to Satan that they may learn by torture not to blaspheme” (1 Tim. 1, 20).

This great, sad truth actually hits the nail where it hurts. Some modern ecumenist priests blindly accept the orders of their leaders and refuse to follow the higher orders of the Apostles, of the Fathers and Saints, thus placing the value of their despotic leaders higher than the Saints.

When some heretics want to convert to Orthodoxy, especially Western, Papal, Roman ‘Catholics’, these modern Orthodox Priests Abroad, refuse to perform Full Canonical Baptism and will only anoint them with Holy Myrrh, uttering the usual great blasphemy and heresy that, «they are already baptised», and try to justify their ecumenistic actions while making appeal to the following three cheap excuses:

1.  “A Pan-Orthodox Council of America”

2.  The mere invocation (verbal reference) to the Holy Trinity during the heretical Baptism,  and

3.  The flamboyantly famous, favourite of theirs verse: “Obey your leaders and submit to them; for they are keeping watch over your souls, as men who will have to give account.” (Hebrew 13, 17)

We will humbly reply to these three great deceptions for the safe-keeping of the innocent youth, as well as for the safe-keeping of our Holy Orthodox Faith, which cannot and should not ever be compromised for the sake of any Church Leader or ecclesiastic relationship or throne.

1. What makes any Council accurate, valid and God-pleasing, is not it’s name, theme or its location, if it is “Pan-Orthodox”, “Pan-American” or “Pan-Hellenic” or “Pan-Heretic” or “Super Perfect”…  The term “Pan” should not automatically imply any authority whatsoever, because even the word “Pan-demonic” discloses the term “Pan” = All, while in another meaning, in extent, the word itself, is also an actual name of the Devil, the pseudo-god “Pan”. What therefore constitutes a Council as valid and Orthodox is, if it is recognised, accepted and followed by any truly Sacred Council of Holy Illuminated God-bearing Fathers, and Majority Group of Living Saints and Spirit-bearing Elders, if they themselves approve and declare the decisions by this Council to be in Harmonious Agreement with the Faith of the Apostles, of the First Fathers and Ecumenical Councils.

2.  The fact that the Name of the Holy Trinity was used during any heretical Baptism, this does not automatically make it valid, canonical or more “closer” to the real Baptism. This excuse is so dreadful, absurd, illogical, insane and boldly impudent. Jehovah’s Witnesses also refer to the “Holy Trinity” when they baptise, does this make their sacraments canonical and valid? A lot of crimes and even pornographic scenes in various movies and anti-Christian theaters begin with an invocation and verbal reference to the Holy Trinity, does this make them innocent and acceptable? When the Crusaders attacked our Holy City Constantinople and invaded our Churches and Pareishes, slaughtered priests, raped young and old ladies, and performed every other hideous, barbaric acts, they too, invoked the name of the Holy Trinity! Does this mean that their actions are recognised as valid, God-pleasing and permissible? Ecumenist priests also appeal to the Dogmatic Fact by Ecumenical Councils that «the Sacrament of Baptism cannot be repeated and is only administered once.» Yet, for a baptism to be considered as being repeated for a second time, the first baptism would firstly have to be identified as canonical and valid. The baptism of heretics is NOT valid or recognised, as heretics (including the Papal pseudo ‘church’) have NO Sacramental Validity, NO Canonical Priesthood, and NO Apostolic Succession. Therefore there is NO real first baptism and when the Orthodox Baptism is administered, this is in fact, the First, True, Canonical Baptism, thus no ‘repetition’ takes place. The same Canon Law applies to all ‘sacraments’ of heretics, especially that of Holy Communion. They may call it «Holy Communion» or «Holy Eucharist» but this invocation does not mean that it really is as such, just because the name of the Holy Trinity was used. We have NO Sacramental Unity and NO Recognition or Communion with ANY heretical ‘church’, regardless of what provocative opposite message our Leaders are wrongly giving, thus heavily scandalising the faithful.

3.  The verse from Hebrews, that all tyrannical and oppressing priestly rulers really love to thrive on as a ‘perfect tool for power and authority’, does not demand absolute, indiscreet subjection of the faithful to any Bishop, Archbishop or Patriarch. Yes, Scripture uses strong terms such as “obey” and “submit, in trust” but ONLY when their teachings are in agreement to God and His Scripture, His will. Holy Scripture states this itself: “»We must obey God rather than men!” (Acts 5, 29) Even if these people or entities claim to be God’s Men, His Priests, His Leaders, they are not infallible, they are not sinless. “Do not place your trust in leaders, in a sons of humans, in whom there is no salvation.” (Psalm 146, 3) The criterion of obedience and trust in humans is God Himself, His Word, His Truth, His Will expressed through His True Saints. St Vasilios the Great, expresses this in a very shocking, very alarming translation of Christ’s verse: “If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it away! (Math. 18, 9) Saint Vasilios, in his interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew, strictly defines this having two meanings: An ethical and dogmatical. “Eye” can be something, (situation, predicament, condition) or someone close to us that causes us to sin, that we ought to cut off any relations or affiliations with. Also, (the Holy Father declares), “Eye” of the faithful of a Parish is the Bishop. If he preaches contrary to the Gospel of Christ, if he teaches deception and heresy, cut off from him, have no ties with him and do not share in his wickedness as you will go to hell with him!” Such separation from such Bishops is not only compelled by isolated Fathers, but by Apostolic and Ecumenical Councils such as the 31st Apostolic Canon and the 15th Canon of the First-Second Synod.

We are not asking anyone to cut off from our Priests or our Church, and make a new, schismatic “Church” by no means, God forbid… We are humbly asking priests and Bishops to please re-consider their compromise to the Faith. We do not want their leniency, we want their austerity. We do not want them to conform to the world, to be taken over by modernization and secular improvement. We want them to sanctify the world with their bold, courageous, unbiased, incorrupt testimony, by the full grace of the Full Holy Orthodox Baptism.

We do not want them to be obsessed by the deceiving fear of losing us. They should rather lose us than lose their own Faith, and lose salvation. The ones that cannot see the clear truth, the ones that are not willing to embrace the truth but expect the Church to change her ways for their own sinful sake, they were never meant to be and were never seriously interested in the Orthodox Faith. They obviously had other underlying intentions and sought personal gain.

We do not desire any priests to trespass their conscience, and try to please us or diplomatically accept us under any condition, in any way, at any cost, but never at the cost of sacrificing the Truth for the sake of a trivial kind of “love”. We want them to love us with truth, in Truth for the sake of Truth. Just “hit us” with the truth. “Serve us” with proper worship. In return we will give you our trust and will entrust our souls in your heavily responsible hands. We will allow you to “tie us” to the eternal knots of your sacred “Petrachilion”.

Please, our beloved Orthodox priests throughout the world, do not be deceived. Do not fall victims of dictating Despots who rule over you, high officials who exercise oppressive authority over you.” (Math. 20, 25)  They will come to pass, Orthodoxy will remain to the ages, till the Kingdom of Heaven. Please, dear priests listen to the youth, who are the future leaders of the Church of tomorrow. Please listen to your children who have a very troubled heart, a life of pain within a very troubled, diverse and multi-cultural (multi-heretical) society.

“Let the children come to you” in Truth (Luke 18, 16). When a young heterodox person comes to you requesting the normal, proper way, the Early Christian Way, the Apostolic Way, the Orthodox Way, asking for full canonical Baptism, do not refuse it and then make appeal to any “Pan-American Council”. Give it whole-heartedly. Give it Whole, not partially. Make appeal to your conscience. Invoke the Name of the Holy Trinity and He will guide you to the Truth.

Please listen, to the Great Holy Saints of our Church, the recent, glorious Holy Elders who all systematically, unanimously claimed and bravely professed: “The only proper, Orthodox, Dogmatical, canonical, Ecclesiastical way for the (re)acceptance of any heterodox/heretics is FULL CANONICAL baptism, not just the application of Holy Myrrh!” And when our Holy Fathers say full baptism, they also mean full immersion, even with infants, not just sporadic sprinkling on the face…

The only case where we should apply the Holy Myrrh and not Full Baptism is, whenever a canonical Orthodox Baptism pre-existed, such as:

* when a heretic, who was previously Orthodox and had once received a Holy Orthodox Baptism, denounced his Baptism, embraced another heretical one, but then repents and wants to return to the True Faith, (which he used to be part of)

* when a fanatical old calenderist, who was formerly Orthodox, but denounced the new Calendar Churches as “heretical” and embraced a Zealot Group that denounces all Patriarchates that also follow the new Calendar as “heretical», but repents and comes back to the Mother Church,

*  when any former Orthodox believer who once received a canonical Baptism denounced his Faith, disowned Christ, blasphemed God and followed any form of witchcraft, Satanism or the Satanic cults.

Finally, dear beloved Priests, please obey, above all, to God the Father, the Greatest ‘Arch-priest’ of All! He, at the Baptism of Christ, revealed Himself and asked us Himself to obey His Son, «OBEY HIM!» (Math. 17, 5)

Please, STOMEN KALOS!!! (stand very cautiously)

Monk Nicodemus

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